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Juni 27, 2019


Gina Esther Merges, Institute of Pathology, Department of Developmental Pathology

Maike Effern, Institute of Clincal Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology
CRISPitope: a versatile approach to model antigen recognition of endogenous target proteins by T cells

Kai Funke, Institute of Pathology, Department of Developmental Pathology
Insights into genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 library screening

PD Dr. Heike Weighardt, LIMES, Unit: Immunology and Environment

November 19, 2018

BFBThemeNight Mass Spectometry

Marc Sylvester, Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Core Facility Mass spectometry

Peter Schein, Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Andreas Buness, Institute of Medical Biometry, Informatics and Epidemiology, Core Unit for Bioinformatics Data Analysis


September 7, 2017

BFBThemeNight Behavioral Experiments

Dr. Andras Bilkei-Gorzo, Institute of Molecular Psychiatry: Animal Models in neuroscience research.

Dr. Ildiko Racz , Clinic for Neurodegenerative Disease and Gerontopsychiatry / Neurology: Can a mouse be alcohol dependent?

Dr. Sebastian Hückesfeld, LIMES: From behavior to neural circuit function in Drosophila larvae

Lothar Baltruschat, Ph.D, DZNE

Malou Zeymer, Sarah Pannhausen, Institute of Zoology: Living in the dark: Orientation and Communication in weakly electric fish

July 6, 2017

BFBThemeNight Intravital Micrsocopy

Kevin Keppler (Light Microscope Facility of the DZNE) An introduction to intra vital microscopy and the application of two-photon microscopy in neuroscience

Liu Changsheng (Institute of Anatomy) In vivo 2-photon time-lapse imaging in zebrafish

Alexander Harder (Institut für Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie)
In vivo two-photon light sheet imaging in zebrafish larvae

Johannes Seelig (Caesar) Neuromodulators on circuits underlying sensorimotor integration



Mai 25, 2017

BFBThemeNightFlow Cytometry

Andreas Dolf (FACS Core Facility Manager) Introduction

Laia Civit (LIMES, Center of Aptamer Research & Development) Flow cytometry in aptamer research

Natalio Garbi (IEI) Flow cytometric multiplexed assay to evaluate functional maturation of cytotoxic CD8 T cells in vivo

Florian Hoß (Institute of Innate Immunity) Visualisation of protein aggregation and re-localization in cells

Julia Reinhardt (Inst. clin. chem. and clin. pharmac.) A FACS-Sorting approach for CRISPR/Cas9-based functional Enhancer-Mapping

Ann-Kathrin Baumgart (IEI) Analysis of CD8+ T cell differentiation by single cell sorting and multiplex PCR

März 23, 2017

BFBThemeNight Berufsfelder in der Life Sciences Industrie

Carolin Kutzki, Marketing Manager, Cell Signaling Technology


Januar 12, 2017

BFBThemeNight Protein Expression

Lukas Bethlehem (AG Galinski - IFMB)

Tobias Zbik (Molecular Sensory Systems - caesar)

Matthias Zehner (Cellular Immunology - LIMES)

Robert Düster (Structural Immunology - caesar)


November 24, 2016

BFBThemeNight Funding

Dr. Beate Scholz,  Consulting – Training - Coaching


October 11 2016

BFBThemeNight Good Scientific Practice

Dr. P. Schröder, brain4hire, Düsseldorf

Prof. Dr. U. B. Kaupp, Director research center caesar, Bonn

Dr. B. Pulverer, Chief Editor The EMBO Journal, Head EMBO Scientific Publications, Heidelberg

July 21 2016

BFBThemeNight Single Cell Analysis

Dr. Andreas Schlitzer, LIMES
Novel developments in single cell biology - From complex tissues to single cells

Patrick Günther, LIMES
Computational approaches to analyze Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data

Dr. Kristian Händler, LIMES
Single-Cell RNA-Seq Library Production

June 23 2016

BFBThemeNight Optogenetics and Patch Clamp

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Kaupp, caesar,
Optogenetics and Patch Clamping – an Introduction

Dr. Thomas Berger, Caesar
Patch-Clamp Recordings

Dr. Jan Jikeli, Caesar
Optogenetics- controlling cell function with light

Dr. Oliver Braganza, The Laboratory for Experimental Epileptology
Illuminating neuronal networks

October 22 2015

BFBThemeNight Image Analysis

Prof. Thorsten Lang (LIMES Institute – Department of Membrane
Introduction to Imaging Techniques

Manuel Schölling (DZNE Image and Data Analysis Core Facility)
Bioimage analysis - from small pixels to big data

Dr. Gabor Horvath (Institute of Innate Immunity Imaging Core Facility)
Quantitative Image Analysis in Biophysical Measurements

Dr. Andreas Till (Institute of Reconstructive Neurobiology – Stem Cell Pathologies group)
Single-cell based Image Analysis: Examples from Inflammation Research, Neurobiology and Oncology   

September 17 2015

BFBThemeNight Model Organisms

Mice/Rats HET Dr. W. Eichelkraut

Zebrafish; Benjamin Odermatt, Institute of Anatomy

Drosophila; Marie Paradis, Yanina-Yasmin Pesch, Limes

Worms; DZNE AG Bano

July 23 2015

BFBThemeNight EM

Stephan Irsen: Electron Microscopy

Elmar Behrmann: Single Particle Reconstruction

Ashraf Al-Amoudi: Electron Tomography


March 19 2015


Dr. Marc Beyer, LIMES, AG Schultze, Genome engineering to optimize generation of animal models

Mirco Brondolin, LIMES, AG Hoch, Generating a mutant zebrafish line using CRISPR/Cas9 system: tricks and tips from A to Z

Thomas Ebert, IMM, AG Hornung, Gearing up to high throughput KO generation

Jonathan Schmid-Burgk, IMM, AG Hornung, Online genotyping of knock-out cell lines




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