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BFB – now and then

The idea of narrowing the gap between Medicine and Natural Sciences brought nine Professors of the University of Bonn together back in the mid-90s who decided to foster the communication between scientists with a basic and medical research background. Back in 1996, there was relatively little cooperation between the single research groups and the tremendous complexity of research fields in Bonn required a strong interdisciplinary exchange. Therefore, the BFB ever since aimed at providing a suitable platform for the exchange of scientific knowledge. Financial support and resources are raised by the University of Bonn, the University Hospital of Bonn, and by the Ministry of Science of North Rhine-Westphalia. With the help of this funding the BFB supports and combines human resources with technical and structural potentials in Bonn.


Founding members:

Prof. Dr. Th. Franz , Prof. Dr. V. Herzog , Dr. H.W. Kaiser

Prof Dr. M.J. Lentze,  Dr. T. Magin, Prof. Dr. U. Pfeifer

Prof. Dr. K.Sandhoff,  Prof. Dr. T. Sauerbruch, Prof. Dr. U. Spengler



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