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Aims - It´s all about networking!

copyright Ulrike E. KloppThe BFB strongly aims at supporting young scientists and help them building a network early on in their career. Networking easily starts face-to-face and, therefore, the BFB organizes meetings and events with a variety of topics. Tech Meetings, Job Talks, and varying workshops take place on a regular basis and the annual BFB conference represents the highlight of the year. Here, all participating research groups come together for two days to present exciting data, new techniques, and the essence of another year of scientific research during lectures, short talks, and poster sessions. Outstanding short talks and posters are rewarded with prizes and the BFB also every year honors the best PhD thesis of a committed member. Therefore, the BFB helps to develop key competences and aims at broadening the research horizons to counteract overspecialization.


Image copyright by Ulrike E. Klopp

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