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Life Science Network Bonn

Bonner Forum Biomedizin


BFB JobTalk Science Journalist, September 29, 7 pm

Kai Kupferschmidt, Science Journalist





Please sign up for the talk at [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

BFB ThemeNight Good Scientific Practice, October 11

BFB Theme Night: Good Scientific Practice

Dr. P. Schröder, brain4hire, Düsseldorf

Dr. B. Pulverer, Chief Editor The EMBO Journal, Head EMBO Scientific Publications, Heidelberg

Prof. Dr. U. B. Kaupp, Director research center caesar

Tuesday October 11, 6pm

Register at [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

 20 Years Bonner Forum Biomedizin


Celebrate with us our 20th anniversary at the Uniclub Bonn, Konviktstrasse 9

November 4 Starting 3 pm


Wellcome Adress

Founding of the BFB

Scientific Talks

 Dinner with Hanno Wild Blogreport

Hiere you can read the blog report from Klara Höning about the dinner:


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