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At the moment all BFB lectures,workshops etc are online



BFB ThemeNight  Gene editing, Cell Programing September 23rd  6 pm

We are planning to have a hybrid presentation at the BMZ1 and via zoom. 

Dr. Simon Schneider, Manager Core Facility Gene Editing
Dr. Michael Peitz, Manager Core Facility Cell Programming
Prof. Dr. Jonathan Schmid-Burgk, Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology, Functional Immunogenomics
Prof. Dr. Volker Busskamp, Department of Ophthalmology

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BFB JobTalk Startups September 30 6 pm  online

Benita Schuba, Transfer Center enaCom

Niklas Häusler, neuro11

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 DISCOVER – leadership training through arts


Interessent*innen können sich bis einschließlich Sonntag, den 19. September 2021, beim Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft bewerben.

Mehr Informationen zum Programm finden Sie in der Ausschreibung anbei und unter


TRA Funding opportunities

 Life and Health Research Prize 2022


The University of Bonn transdisciplinary research area “Life and Health” aims to support highly innovative, transdisciplinary research projects addressing new and relevant questions related to the topics of life and health. With the “Life and Health”- Research Prize we aim to provide impetus and seed funding particularly to novel ideas that cross traditional research boundaries. The innovative and cross-disciplinary nature of the proposal is the most important requirement for funding. We strongly encourage joint applications from two TRA members from two different research fields.          
A continuation of already established projects, or projects well within past research trajectories will not be funded.

Each successful proposal will be funded with 50.000€. This funding can be freely used within DFG funding regulations.


Please see attached documents for all details here.


Application deadline is September 30, 2021.



List of virtual talks, seminars, forums


Lecture series for early-career researchers

A new lecture series on how early-career researchers overcome risks and avoid pitfalls when submitting applications and performing research: Better safe than sorry - Wie Nachwuchsforschende in Antragstellung und Forschung Risiken meistern und Fallstricke vermeiden (the lectures will be conducted in German only).



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