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 BFB ThemeNight Single Cell Analysis July 21

Thursday July 21 2016
6 pm s.t.

Dr. Andreas Schlitzer, LIMES
Novel developments in single cell biology - From complex tissues to single cells

Patrick Günther, LIMES
Computational approaches to analyze Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data

Dr. Kristian Händler, LIMES
Single-Cell RNA-Seq Library Production

Lecture Hall, Poppelsdorfer Schloss Meckenheimer Allee 169

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BFB JobTalk Science Journalist August 25



 20 Years Bonner Forum Biomedizin


Celebrate with us our 20th anniversary at the Uniclub Bonn, Konviktstrasse 4

November 4 Starting 3 pm


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Founding of the BFB

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