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 Kurse zu Statistik

Statistik für Einsteiger / SPSS & STATA
Statistik für Fortgeschrittene / SPSS & STATA
20.11. - 24.11.2017
Statistik für Einsteiger / Einführung in "R"
27.11. - 01.12.2017
Statistik für Fortgeschrittene / Statistische Tests, Regression und Programmieren in "R"
11.12. - 15.12.2017

Informationen, Anmeldung:

BFB Stipendium für Summer School "Wissenschaft Kommunizieren"

Nachwuchskräfte aus Wissenschaft, Technik und Kommunikation können in der  Summer School die Grundlagen der Wissenschaftskommunikation mit Experten aus Forschung und Praxis der Wissenschaftskommunikation angehen.


Summer School „Wissenschaft kommunizieren!“


11.–13. September 2017 im Haus der Wissenschaft Braunschweig 



Interessenten müssen sich direkt bei wissenschaft : dialog bewerben ( und gleichzeitig ein Stipendium beim BFB beantragen. Bewerbungen ab sofort unter


BFB Annual Meeting 2017 Awards


BFBPhD Award 


 Stefanie Riesenberg, Institute of clinical Chemistry and clinical Pharmacology

The melanocytic lineage factor MITF suppresses inflammatory cytokine responsiveness and myeloid cell recruitment in melanoma by antagonizing AP-1


BFBPublication Award


Jil Sander, LIMES – Life and Medical Sciences Center, Genomics and Immunoregulation

Lymphoid organ dendritic cell identity is mainly dictated by ontogeny and not tissue microenvironment in humans

Science Immunology (2016), doi: 10.1126/sciimmunol.aai7677


BFBShort presentation award


Lucia Torres-Fernández, Molecular Immunology and Cell Biology, LIMES Institute

The stem cell factor Trim71 prevents premature cell differentiation through a dual inhibition of the tumor suppressor miRNA let-7


BFBPoster prizes


 Category A Bachelor/Master


Jan Hansen, Molecular Physiology, caesar

A new high-speed 3D-imaging technique to unravel patterns of fluid flow and flagellar beating


Fabian Kaiser, Molecular Physiology, caesar

Establishing Optogenetic Tools in Primary Cilia to Study cAMP Signaling


Category B PhD/Postdoc


Nasim Dokani Khesroshahi, Department of Molecular Sensory Systems, caesar

The pH-gradient across the membrane induces conformational changes in the voltage sensor of the proton channel Hv1


Nicole Glodde, Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology

c-MET dependent neutrophil responses limit anti-tumoral T cell expansion and immunotherapy of cancer


Elena Grahn, caesar

Photoswitchable Inhibitors of the Voltage-Gated Proton Channel Hv1


Paola Guerrero Aruffo, Molecular Immunology and Cell Biology, LIMES

Generation and characterization of immortalized myeloid cell lines from mouse using the Hoxb8 system


Camille Philippot1, 1Institute of Cellular Neurosciences

Structural and functional analyses of panglial coupling networks in the thalamus and its impact on brain signalling


Thérèse Wolfenstetter, caesar

HCN-like Channels Form a New Class of Voltage-Gated Proton Channels










  Annual report 2015

Here you find the annual report 2015


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